We are more than happy to answer all your questions
Is it safe to visit Egypt?
Egypt is extremely safe country to visit, in addition to that, Egypt has a tourism police to make sure of the security and safety of the travelers as the tourism is one of the main sources of national income and hard currency.
Why should I take Nile cruise?
Well, let us agree that each choice has its own privileges; that we are going to state in brief: For the Nile Cruise; it is considered a lifetime experience where you spend at least 3 nights on board from Aswan to Luxor or vice versa, it will take you while sailing on the mighty Nile with a magnificent view of palm planted area surrounding both sides. You can always enjoy sun deck relaxation time; an enjoyable Nubian show is usually performed on your last night spent on board. One more piece of info. that we can never escape; all meals on board are included (Breakfast, lunch & dinner), starting with lunch & ending with breakfast. Also, it is good to know that Nile cruise saves transportation from Kom Ombo, Edfu & Esna to reach Luxor and vice versa. Stating a fact; cruise sails through fixed sailing dates, set number of nights as well (3, 4 & 7 nights, available in different categories starting with simple up to ultra-deluxe ones), providing stopovers for sightseeing spots in each destinations. As for land arrangements; it provides you with more time to spend in each destination, more spots, optional tours to enjoy. Between Luxor & Aswan and vice versa; there is more than an option to get transported like sitting train or air-conditioned private transfers. Which option do we recommend? Your travel consultant will discuss options with you and advise the best; based on your dream about the booked trip, your flight timing & how long your stay is.
Can I take photograph and talk with people in the public streets?
You can take photographs inside all the touristics places ans sites except some rooms like the gold mask room of king tutankhamun in thr egyptian museum and the muummy room in the national musuem of civilization and the tour guide with inform you with the information during the visit. In the streets you can take pictures as the egyptian are very friendly and welcoming by nature and will accept that, but you cant take any phtographes or videos for the police vechiles or military camps and the areas which under the management of the army or police so we have some places not acceptable to take photos in it or for its members. For talking to the people in the street, they are very friendly and they will like to talk to you and in every place you will visit they will say hi , welcome to Egypt but don’t expect a fluent english from the people in the streets because the Arabic language in the mother tongue, while who working in the tourism field are fluent and some times talk many languages not only one.
How will you find me or I will find you in the Airport?
Upon your arrival to the airport the representative of soul of Egypt will meet you inside the airport holding a sign of soul of Egypt company to be easy for you to find and know him, then he will assist you to finish the procedures inside the terminal and getting your visa and then your luggage, and accompaing you to meet the driver and arrive safely to the hotel. Please look for this sign and don’t go through passport control unless you meet SOET rep. if you can't see our rep, please contact us on our emergency contact number
I have some valuable items with me, what shall I do to keep them safe?
Most of the hotels of Egypt especially the five stars hotel have a safety deposit box in each room or in the front desk . and if you need any help from the side of the company you can give it to one of our team to keep it for you in the safety deposit box of the company till the time of your departure you can take it back safely.
Is the tap water in Egypt drinkable?
The tap water is drinkable but mainly for the Egyptian as the digestive system for the Egyptians is different from the foreigners and we don’t recommend you to use the tap water. Even to brush your teeth the company will provide you with unlimited mineral water bottles during the tours and in the hotel every day in your room you will find mineral water bottle.
What shall a woman wear during a tour to Egypt?
During the tours the woman can wear her regular clothes except during the religious visiting inside the mosques and the guide will inform you the day before the tour about the suitable outfits. It is a Muslim country but still liberal and not conservative. So you don’t have to be covered all the time. So can wear shorts and shirts with short or cut sleeves while visiting sights such as pyramids, temples, …etc. because people around such sights got used to it and they see tourists every day. But you will need to be covered in case of visiting a mosque or church or walking down the local market and then in that case you should show some respect to local culture covering your chest, shoulders and knees.
Are there any Alcoholic restrictions?
-Minimum age to drink or even to buy is 21 years old. Drinking Alcohol anywhere indoor is ok such as (hotels, Bars, Restaurants, disco Techs, Casinos or night clubs) however you cannot drink outdoor at all. -Regarding bringing Alcohol to Egypt with you, The Egyptian government regulations are, 1 Litters per person and in case you will buy it from one of the Egyptian International Airports duty free shops it should be within 48 hours from your arrival date.
What about SIM Cards and Internet Facilities?
-You can get a sim card for your mobile phone upon arrival. -When it comes to the Internet access it can be easily activated on your mobile phone device and regarding the Wi-Fi Access in your hotel or on your Cruise ship its available for free in the majority of them. Also the in the vans and buses of the company there is a portable Wifi.
How can I handle vendors?
The vendors are very smart and they know how to pay your attention to them and they speak many languages to sell their products so the best way to Avoid the hassle to say “no thank you”, and “ don’t give them any eye contact” and the guide will help you in some places to get some pieces from them as kind of helping them to earn their bread but don’t deal directly with any one of them to enjoy your trip as if you will answer any one of them the other will follow you everywhere.
What is the single supplement?
If you prefer staying at a private room , private cabin on board cruises or even sleeper train , there is a supplement so that you can enjoy this privacy,,, your travel consultant will advise you about the supplement (how much).
Is it better to have Nile cruise or Land arrangements?
It depends on how many days you will stay in Egypt and the kind of activities that would you like to do and your personal interests so the operation manager will discuss all of that with you and help you to tailor made your trip according to your wishlist .
What about the early check-in & late check out at hotel?
The international time for check in is 15:00 pm and check–out 12:00 pm and the company will try to help you if there is an availability in the hotel to make early check in and late check-out but that depends on the availability in the hotel and not during the high season of the tourism. It may require extra cost for the early check in or late check out.
Public transportation
We have a great means of public transportations in Egypt such as buses , subway, taxis, trains and even Uber and but you will not need to use any of theses. we have our own private tourism vehicles during all the transfers from or to the airports and also during the tours.
Can I get inside the Pyramids?
Of course, you can get inside the pyramids. we have an extra ticket to enter inside the great pyramid or the other pyramids which are open for visit. But if you are claustrophobic person or have any health problem, we don’t recommend it for you.
Can I enter Mummies room at Egyptian Museum?
The mummies are moved from the Egyptian museum in Tahrir square to be displayed now inside the national museum of civilization in el Fustat and of course you can visit it and enter the mummies room.
What should I bring during Summer or Winter?
In summer you will need to bring a cotton clothes or linen with a light colors , sun screen , sun glasses and an umbrella In winter we think that one coat is enough and we are not a snowy country and the winter will be like a spring for you.
Can I learn simple Arabic words to use during my stay?
Yes you can and during the info meeting the company will provide you with a list of the words that you may need to use it and also will show for you the different Egyptian pounds or money and its values and even its equivalent in USA dollar or Euro