There is no nationality for the truth!!!!

Egypt is the most magical spiritual destination on the planet, and it is a big key to the truth.
Visiting Egypt will open your heart allowing it more freedom to feel and give you the space to remember who you are.
Immersing yourself in the ancient Egyptian mystery school and being re-activated at her sacred sites will be your gateway to a new world of wisdom and positive energy.
The pilgrimage through the sacred sites of ancient Egypt is a process of conscious evolution and will unveil the mask taking you back to your true self and regaining your inner power.
It is a journey of transformation and a big key to the truth!

Egypt River Nile and the 7 Chakras

It has been truly believed in Ancient Egypt that The Mighty River Nile signified the backbone of the human body.
The temples of ancient Egypt were placed strategically along the Nile to correspond with the major chakras of our energy system that exist along this “backbone”.
The journey from Aswan to Heliopolis will take you through these sites and can provide healing of the Chakra’s as we go, so flow with the spirit of the Nile.
Allow the Nile to flow through you and illuminate your heart and uplift your journey. Relax with the spirit of the Nile and its dynamic essence on board our private yacht.

Egypt Map (1)

Root or Base Chakra

Is the southernmost city of Egypt, 900 km south of Cairo. The main god of Aswan is Khnum, the ram-headed god, the god of ­creation who sits on the potter’s wheel and forms and makes individuals out of clay.

Navel Chakra

A small town 45 km north of Aswan with a healing temple approx 1800 years old that is shared by two gods; Sobek (crocodile) and Horus (falcon). The philosophy of this temple is about the struggle between the light and dark inside each one of us.

Solarplexus Chakra

A big town half way between Aswan and Luxor about 800 km south of Cairo. The temple of Edfu is the second largest and the most complete temple in Egypt.

Heart Chakra

Akhet Aten, the horizon of Aton built by the most spiritual king in ancient Egypt, Akhenaton.

Throat Chakra

Is an Ancient site much older than what we read in the history books. It is about 35 km southwest of Cairo where the Step pyramid the first free standing structure made out of stones on earth stands..

Brow Chakra or Third Eye Chakra

The most important monuments on earth, still full of many mysteries!!!!.

Crown Chakra

We have two schools of thoughts on this: Heliopolis, the cult center of Ra. Alexandria, the city of knowledge.