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Cracking Open The Heart – Egypt 2001 Part 3

Ever since I was given the Wounded Heart Parable in the spring of l995, I have been on a conscious journey to uncover and understand the beauty and value of the “broken” human heart. (I have included that parable at the end of this story). We have all been taught to fear, avoid and run

The 13th Chakra

Never before have I been so impulsed to keep sharing about a journey as I am guided to share this mission to Egypt with my friends and family. As soon as I sent off my first E-mail about the coding amplified in the Great Pyramid our last day in Egypt, I knew that there are

Mission Accomplished – Egypt Equinox 2001

Mission Accomplished… Egypt Equinox 2001 I have been home less than 36 hours and even before I can plunge into bills, phone calls, E-mail, laundry, groceries etc. I am compelled to share briefly the powerful journey that nine of us star seeds and our two Egyptian guides accomplished over the past two weeks. As Ezekiel told

Compassion Alignment Complete

Compassion Alignment Complete… Egypt Spring Equinox 2002 Almost one month has passed now since my return from the Egypt Spring Equinox 2002 Journey, and only now have I integrated enough of this very powerful experience to begin to share with all of you. Please be aware that I am sharing this trip with you through my eyes;

Soul of Egypt – Travel Guide

Walking through Egypt is more like wandering through the history of an ancient world aged 7’000 years ago. Egypt will never fell to astonish you with a unique nature from arid beauty of the desert “Black & White” where you can relief your soul and watch a pure & surprising view of the stars by

I am at the moment planning my next trip to Egypt, a country that has inspired a real love in my heart.

I am at the moment planning my next trip to Egypt, a country that has inspired a real love in my heart. When I was still at school and visited the British Museum and like a lot of other people, I became interested in Ancient Egypt but did not think then that I would ever

These are some pictures of the BAHARIYA OASIS

These are some pictures of the BAHARIYA OASIS. It is where the White desert is and the Black desert as well which are over 40 million years old where and when the sahara was a big ocean . Also in year 2000 an american scientific team conducted by Joshua smith found the remains of Dinosaur