What is a Dahabeya?!

Dahabeya is a small traditional sailing boat with maximum capacity of 16 – 20 guests served by 10 – 20 crew members!!!!
It has air-conditioned rooms which are very comfortable, stylish, and beautifully furnished.
Each room has its own private safe deposit box and dignified bathroom.
It has common areas such as small reception, small library, dining room, and sundeck with beautiful spots for relaxation, intimate group meetings, yoga, meditation…..etc.

Why a Nile Dahabeya?!

Nile Dahabeya can be your elegant home sailing tenderly on the River Nile as it was in days of yore.
It provides you with a unique experience, personnel service, and intimacy for your group of a family and friends.
It comes with enhancing more privacy and more time to be sailing on the Nile as it keeps you away from the rush to the sailing time of the huge Nile cruises – motor ships which allows you to enjoy the sacred sites on either side of The Nile when they are not overrun by many tourists from the larger Nile cruises and big tour buses.
It lets you walk through a small village meeting with the locals which the larger Nile cruises cannot reach. Also, it offers a lovely experience of swimming in the magical River Nile.
Moreover, it also has its own private talented, professional, and food loving chef who comes up with breath taking organic fresh food variety.
It has very friendly crew members who enjoy providing you with excellent professional individual service.
It is a lifetime experience which is not to be missed.

Enjoy the Nile journey in style