Mission Accomplished… Egypt Equinox 2001

I have been home less than 36 hours and even before I can plunge into bills, phone calls, E-mail, laundry, groceries etc. I am compelled to share briefly the powerful journey that nine of us star seeds and our two Egyptian guides accomplished over the past two weeks. As Ezekiel told me at the beginning, when you agree to awaken the star codes within your own DNA and for the planet by bringing the conscious awareness of the integration of the dark and light into the heart, you can expect to be challenged. After all, this has not been accomplished often since the separation of our galactic selves ages ago when we initially forgot who we truly are.

From the inception of this journey sometime last September, things have changed constantly. Challenges have faced all involved in the agreement to awaken the star codes through the integration of the emotions using the power of the dark and light To Love It All. (I integrated the meaning of my theme words in a very new way.) This journey shape sifted constantly calling for focus and truth of heart every step of the way. There is no suggestion of right or wrong here, only the understanding that each shift created an ever sharper focus on the intent. There were shifts in even the basics from the change of original facilitators, to price changes, to itinerary shifting and so on. With each shift came the challenges of staying with the emotions ( in-motion) and integrating the lessons. It has been vital to heal old patterns within the self as well as in the group heart which was created through this intent.

The dark challenged us almost every step of the way to see if we REALLY could Love It All. As we were able to see the reflection of the dark within ourselves and within our group, remaining bonded as one heart, even when separation and chaos reigned supreme, the blocks and set backs evaporated one by one as impossible doorways (quite literally) opened up for us. There were others who drifted in and out of our group as the journey continued on The Road Less Traveled. Each one brought with them a new piece of the puzzle and often a new challenge for us to integrate. We encountered the cracking open of the heart. We were taken to places others have rarely gone. We had a huge military escort for our journey to Telemarna (where Aukhenaton established the law of one) including at times six truckloads of armed soldiers and a Tank!!! Roads were cleared for us as sirens announced our arrival in the various villages along the way. Every single temple and site held an unmistakable message for us.

It is my perspective that we truly encountered the personification of Lucifer (by that I mean a powerful chaotic dark energy) embodied in a wounded adult who sought to separate and divide us at every turn. I will speak only for myself here because the powerful transformations that occurred for each individual will have to be shared by each one. This person was with us only the last week of our journey although she signed up for the entire journey. I know she played a very difficult role by soul contract to show us how much pain the dark is in as the light continues to attempt to love it back into integration rather than acknowledge the darkness within themselves that cries to be understood. This is where my lesson truly was. The more individuals and the group attempted to bring this wounded adult into love, the more powerful, dark and chaotic her energy became.

To give a blow- by -blow explanation of each event would be impractical here as they came too numerous and often too painful to integrate step by step. Each time we as individuals got a new piece and shifted, our pathway opened. Only when this person was not participating with us did the pathways open and become clear. Finally as the drama unfolded right up to our last day and only minutes before we were to enter the Great Pyramid for our final ceremony awakening the Star Codes, this Lucifer energy stepped once again onto our buss and once again sucked us into the abyss of her manipulation. In an instant, I finally summoned the darkest power within my own being and loved it into my consciousness. I powerfully, without anger but with clear consciousness, removed the chaotic energy from our field. With the group support we claimed back our unity, our buss and our power. As the bus door closed on her, we were alone again. It was exactly at this point that we were given unheard of permission to enter the Great Pyramid at Noon in the middle of the day… alone. The doors were locked, the lights turned off and our small group took control of the most powerful energy vortex on earth in broad daylight for one and 1/2 hours without paying off any one. All this happened while the rest of the tourists waited outside and the temple guards stood watch. We had the time needed to come into complete unity to accomplish our intention. It was the purest of experiences. We became a unified field such as the Flower of Life because we honored OUR OWN DARK SIDES to hold our boundary and our space while honoring with compassion the one who pushed us into our own powerful darkness. In the pyramid, without even truly knowing what we would do, each person responded to the unified one heart and in Love For It All we held the field of our own darkness in our hearts and we toned this miracle into the grid through the largest amplifier on our planet!

These words cannot truly explain the amazing shift that every one of us felt at that moment of time. I have been to Egypt many times and always it is an incredible journey as Egypt itself demands that each one expand. Whatever you are hiding is revealed at some point in this ancient vortex.

This, however, is the first time I can truly say that each one of us felt on a cellular level the knowing of what we accomplished and what we activated within ourselves and for the planet. I could rattle on but I won’t. I knew I just had to let all of you know because there were so many of you who followed us in your hearts and prayers every step of the way. I know we could not have succeeded without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The darkness we battle is ourselves. Use your dark side destroyer force with full compassion to bring all of you back into wholeness again. That is the true integration necessary to accomplish ascension.

I am sure more understanding will unfold as we all return to our daily lives and begin to live with the healed darkness within us as our partner, truly integrating the darkness and the light within our hearts. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Now for our next steps.

Blessings one and all.

In Lak’Ech Nancy Joy

Written By: Nancy Joy