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Longing to find the key of the truth? Egypt is the key!

Explore the hidden magic; unveil the mystery & secrets of the ancient Egyptian Glory!

As the tears rolled down my face,
I knew I needed to see Egypt through this mans eyes and expertise.

When I began to hear the calling inside my heart that I needed to go to Egypt, I had no idea how this would happen. It had never been something on my mind. I then met Amro in my town where he did a talk about the history and progression of women’s power over many centuries. As the tears rolled down my face, I knew I needed to see Egypt through this mans eyes and expertise. His heart and passion was incredible. After some communications back and forth, I signed on for a private tour. I have never traveled anywhere outside the US and Mexico on my own, so the amount of trust and faith I had to have in Amro was immense. I can honestly say that this was a trip of a lifetime. From the moment I got off the plane, I was personally guided through every step of the trip. I was cared for by this man, educated and treated like a queen. His personal attention to my safety, my getting to have the full Egyptian experience both in the temples and tombs, but also in the villages and local’s areas, was so completely beyond what I could have imagined. I watched other guides talk to their groups when we were near by and I could see that Amro had such a different level of passion for Egypt. His spiritual take on things was fresh and his expert knowledge flowed out of him in the same way it did when his lecture brought me to tears. I will return to Egypt again and again and will always have Amro as my guide and my friend. I cannot imagine Egypt without him to show me the way.

Rosie McGowan

I have seen tears flow, hearts crack open,

Amro’s Spiritual awareness and his love of Egypt as well as Mother Egypt herself are transformative for everyone who takes the leap and moves into the experience with no expectations and an open heart.
I have seen tears flow, hearts crack open, lives change and consciousness expand.
It is more about the heart that always comes together as Amro holds open the energetic doors for incredible interactions with the ancients and the group and each individual.
Every journey is unique and unfolds the awakening in divine alignment with each soul as they take the journey.
Catch the Magic yourself.

Nancy Joy

Egypt has become our favorite destination with its completely unique version of history

Ancient Mystery Keepers brings small groups of travelers around the globe to experience the sacred and unseen that each place has to offer. Egypt has become our favorite destination with its completely unique version of history, its antiquities, along with the powerful energies and Gods/Goddesses that are felt everywhere. The ancient lands of Egypt are calling us home to fulfill our destinies and there is still plenty to do at these potent energetic sites.

Shelle Elizabeth

Nile Dahabeya

Dahabeya is a small traditional sailing boat with maximum capacity of 16 – 20 guests served by 10 – 20 crew members!!!!
It has air-conditioned rooms which are very comfortable, stylish, and beautifully furnished.
Each room has its own private safe deposit box and dignified bathroom.
It has common areas such as small reception, small library, dining room, and sundeck with beautiful spots for relaxation, intimate group meetings, yoga, meditation…..etc.

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One Photo Speaks a thousand Words!!!!

Traveling to Egypt for Leisure? We cover that as well!


Sand & Sea

Come and enjoy the golden sandy beaches, sparkling turquoise waters and endless desert dunes. Relax in the peaceful ambiance or enjoy activities like quad biking, diving the amazing coral reefs of the Red Sea or floating in the healing mineral salts of the Dead Sea? Whatever you’re looking for you can find it at Soul of Egypt Travel.
We offer a wide range of activities such as diving, snorkeling, trekking, sailing, windsurfing, hot-air ballooning, golfing and much more.
You can also design your own itineraries or use one we have designed in a tailor made holiday – the sky (and sea bed)’s the limit!

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Luxury Holidays

Looking for Luxury while on holidays then look no further, from the finest rooms in the most luxurious hotels to the plushest suites on a Nile Cruise.
You’ll be given the personal numbers of our staff to ensure you have any special requests and your trip runs smoothly.
You will enjoy the comfort of a private driver thoughout you stay and to and from the airport. You’ll even have your very own, personal Egyptologist-Tour Guide wherever you go; you will be treated as a ROYAL.

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Adventure & Desert Safari

There’s nothing like enjoy the Sahara desert with its crystal mountains and oases.
We take you into the black and white desert to watch the most beautiful sunrises and sunset’s of Egypt.
The Bahariya Oasis is where we travel to see the White and Black desert that is over 40 million years old when the sahara was a big ocean. In the year 2000 an American scientific team conducted by Joshua smith found the remains of a Dinosaur which is about 95 million years old.
The BAHARIYA OASIS is a mysterious place full of ancient secrets still undiscovered.

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History & Culture

Ancient & Modern

History & Culture Tours bring you face to face with ancient Egypt’s famous antiquities that merge with the essence of Modern Egypt and egyptian people.

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Meet Amro Mounir (ZuZu)

Egyptologist - Tour Guide and Travel Agent

Amro is a native of Cairo and is best known for his passion, humor, and dedication to finding and living the ‘truth’ which he aspires to on a daily basis. As a youngster, he had an interest in studying political science; driven by a desire to have a positive influence on the future and direction of Egypt. However his direction changed and he chose his initial studies in Egyptology, graduating in 1996 with a degree with Honors, and so his journey began…
Amro’s love of Egypt and Egyptology shines through at all times and is a central part of who he is; Amro loves nothing more than to share his deep love for Egypt, the ancient culture, and its mysticism sharing his own theories about ancient history and how it varies from literature. He believes we are all of the same reality and by bridging the gap between cultures that being the East and West we can reach a meeting point through our mutual links to the history of civilization itself.

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