Compassion Alignment Complete… Egypt Spring Equinox 2002

Almost one month has passed now since my return from the Egypt Spring Equinox 2002 Journey, and only now have I integrated enough of this very powerful experience to begin to share with all of you. Please be aware that I am sharing this trip with you through my eyes; through my heart; and through my patterns. There were 17 of us who agreed to this assignment and for each one the experience was uniquely their own. As a whole, however, we created the right combination of consciousness and patterns to get the job done. Each one is as family to me and I honor them for answering the call. Every one of us faced challenges as we opened out hearts to get the job done. We will all be connected profoundly forever more!

When Carol Petropoulos, owner of Sun*Dar*Ra Tours, (Check this incredible friend out on the Egypt page of my web site.) and I were given the first part of creating sound as a focus for healing on this journey, I was told to quote Thoth from The Emerald Tablets…”only by magic could they be discovered, only by sound could their faces be seen…able to lift the veil from the face of the serpent.” As time went on, the even deeper purpose was revealed to us. We were given the assignment of aligning the compassion grid within our physical vehicles and anchoring this alignment into the heart of the divine mother. For those who may not know, the compassion grid is that vibration of geometry around our planet, which vibrates in the reality that all experiences are created by our souls (our own magic) to lead us to the hidden, dark and wounded parts of ourselves and bring these parts home to compassion. In fact, this was so powerful an assignment that I took extra time with everyone considering the adventure so they were sure to understand that we would be doing the emotional work necessary within ourselves to bring darkness into integration, and to bring it into compassion at the sacred sites. Those who have worked with Ezekiel and myself understand our commitment to learn To Love It All. The darkness as well as the light has value and, in fact, it is the darkness that pushes light back into us.

Sound and magic played an integral part in revealing the face of the serpent and understanding experientially that the serpent being revealed was ourselves. I guess I can say that I have faced much darkness and have learned to shift it into the light of the heart. I value the beauty of the dark as half of the whole, which I am. This I know intellectually and emotionally. I had not, however, brought it into integration in my physical body. I had not felt it scream for

y attention and attack my center. I can now tell you I have experienced and felt that and more as I began to vibrate the true sense of compassion in my very being.

For those who remember last year’s equinox journey (see article Mission Accomplished on my web site), you will remember that a female participant who embodied the dark side and reflected it back to us throughout our journey challenged us. Her name was Lucretia (the feminine aspect of Lucifer). I managed to hold my heart and my center with her manipulations and held my personal boundaries. Other members of the group shifted into this also and on the last day we all held our boundary and she departed leaving us to feel compassion and gratitude for her role. To me, Lucretia was an advanced master taking this form to train me in holding my field while bringing darkness back into compassion. It was as if that experience was boot camp for what was to come.

ring this journey we were asked to reveal the face of the serpent within our own being and take responsibility for our own healing. To the extent each of us could do this, that would be the extent to which we could bring the compassion grid into alignment so all can access it as we move toward as

ension. It seems to me, that one by one, our inner serpents were revealed. Each one experienced this differently at different times and to different extents mentally, emotionally and physically. I would like to share with you a few of my most powerful experiences and I invite the group to contribute and share also.

This may be a stretch for some of you, but it is my experience and knowing that there are aspects of our being that are living parallel lives on other dimensions as different races removed from linear time and space. I personally have long been aware of a reptilian aspect of me that played a major role in some of the distortions that have occurred on our planet in the past. I know that, in a sense, I am a time traveler from the future back to heal the past. Isn’t that what we all are as we journey into our cellular memories to reveal and heal the hidden wounds and pain from our pasts? Anyway, as such, I sometimes encounter others of my reptilian family working in the same way whether they are conscious of this or not. One such Egypt participant was Jean, a lovely, intelligent and powerful lady in her late twenties from the UK. Jean originally signed up because my colleague and friend Jelaila Starr was intending to join us. For a number of reasons she did not join us in Egypt for the second year in a row. Jean was given the opportunity to back out but chose to go anyway, saying that she had a dream in which Jelaila did not go and she was in Egypt with people she did not know. She had also shared with me that she was aware that in this other dimension she was named Cushina and was the daughter of Marduke. These are Nibiruans who have played a vital role in human destiny and history. There is not the space to explain this connection to mother Earth but I suggest that you do your own research. This is part of your true history on this planet.

. I had a heart connection with Jean and she felt to me as a daughter. I had a very motherly energy with her as I do have a son close to her in age. It became apparent to me what we would be dealing with on the first day on the Giza Plateau when we entered the second pyramid Khafra (Chephren). Never before had so much happened in the first temple, on the first day, with so many group members. As the group was traversing their way in a crouched position through a long tunnel quite a ways down into the main chamber of the pyramid, four or five members of the group became quite agitated and it appeared as if they would not make it. Carol had gone first to prepare the ceremony in the chamber, and, as was our custom, I was bringing up the rear. As I stopped to process and assist those who had moved into ancient memories and fears, each one felt such a dark and scary pressure. I helped them breath into the feelings and held them until they were ready to take their next step. On girl had to go only one step at a time the whole way. Upon finally all gathering in the bowels of the pyramid, the ceremony began. Carol led a very powerful toning and our sounds were awesome. At one point, we were holding hands and I was next to Jean. I felt her shudder and, as I looked over at her, it was obvious she had shifted into a frightening version of herself. She began to speak as Cushina and deliver some very powerful messages. We shared this moment together and I am not sure what other members of the group heard and saw as I did. As we climbed back out of the pyramid, she shifted again and Jeannine seemed to be back but with full consciousness of her messages and of Cushina.

. That was the way it went over the next four or five days. When she was Jean she was aware of Cushina, Marduke and the other Nibiruans and the influence they had on her. In fact, she was quite controlled by this presence and her relationship with them.

She felt as if she was bringing darkness into our group and choose often over the next days not to participate. Of course, I explained that we were here to integrate those energies and bring them back into love and compassion. I didn’t have long to wait. By the time our cruise ship docked in Luxor, I would have my opportunity to practice what I preached.

In the early evening, as our group was preparing to gather for dinner in the dining room, I received a call from Jean who was agitated, very scared and quite ill. As I went into her cabin, I was greeted by the presence of Cushina. I refused to engage with Cushina and kept asking for Jean. I am choosing not to go into great detail here for it would take a mini novel to communicate what transpired with the two of us and the other Nibiruan beings who had gathered to participate on the ship that night. Suffice it to say that over the next four hours or so Jean, Cushina, Marduke, Ezekiel and myself engaged in a battle of wills. This took standing in my center, calling on every truth I know to be and trusting more deeply in myself alone than I have ever been called to do. Jean became quite ill, vomiting and crying in pain as we processed through her fears together. In the end, I assisted Jean as she stood (which in her weakened state was no easy feat) and claimed her power back. She had to know and truly believe in every cell of her being that she could not be killed and manipulated by these dark forces within. With the help of Ezekiel and myself, Jean was able to take control of her being back. Eventually, as the days progressed, Jean began her long journey back to healing. She learned that although she had to separate from Cushina completely to shift, she would always be an aspect of herself to grow and learn with. Cushina and other Nibiruans were no longer allowed to manipulate and control Jean.

I was totally drained and weakened from the stress and Jean was still quite physically ill as morning dawned. Interestingly enough, right after Jean called to ask me to get a doctor for her as she could not stop vomiting, Carol called to say she was not feeling well and wanted not to go to the West Bank with the group. I told her I would go with the group and asked if she was well enough to get the doctor and help Jean. She was well enough and did take over. Carol is an excellent healer and works with a team that directs her as she brings the energetic and physical bodies back into balance and alignment. She ended up working with Jean quite a while removing etheric attachments and closing up spaces, which were once conduits for, control and manipulation. The three of us made an excellent team and I encourage Jean and Carol to share their perspectives also.

I am very grateful to Jean and Cushina for allowing me to experience every doubt about myself I have ever had. I thank them for providing the drama that has enabled me to feel my own weaknesses and darkness and bring them back into compassion. I realize only now that I am home in Iowa, that we had taken a huge step that night toward our goal of anchoring the compassion grid through our beings into the heart of mother earth! That night, however, was difficult for me. Although I had a sense of what had been done, it is only now that I am clear enough to put the pieces together and begin to tell the story.

I also realize now that what we released that night was a darkness within all of us aching to be brought back into understanding and compassion. What was denied and buried and had exerted control over our clarity and our consciousness was stirred and close to boiling over. The extent of our own resistance seemed to mark the extent to which the lesson was played out for each of us. I could write a book on each incident but this little group of warriors ran the gamut. Just try to feel this as I summarize. There was unleashed rage that resulted in a threatening situation in which both participants found their truth and their power with no injury. There a woman named Angel who passed out by the elevator and spent a retched night incredibly ill integrating the drama of our ceremony that day at Abydos. During the journey Angel learned to face the fear of her own darkness. Pam was pushed by a dark energy over a ledge backwards at the beginning of our ceremony only to miraculously land below with no visible injuries. (That happened at Abydos and, should there be another article forthcoming, it will indeed tell this incredible tale). Gamel, our Egyptian manager, faced his fear of the temple tunnels by moving into his resistance with me at Dashar and completing the journey into the chamber for the first time in his life…and he lives in Egypt. Donus arrived in Cairo very mental, stiff and emotionally shut down. After facing his own anger and dark night on the desert, he received a healing with Carol and her team to remove attachments and balance his field. He came away from the desert extension a changed man, dancing under the thousands of stars in his Egyption gellabeo (gown) in his pink boxer shorts! For those I have not mentioned, believe me, I am just as honored by your shifts and changes.

I wish to personally thank and honor Sandy, Buster, Belinda, Connie, Hazem, Valerie, Diane, Sue, Kyle and Laurie. Each of you has faced some very powerful and hidden darkness which you have or are bringing back into the light and back into compassion.
The consciousness and willingness of this group was necessary and very much appreciated. You are loved more than I could every express.

As I end this tale, I am pleased to tell you that I cannot say that we all lived happily ever after. I can say, however, that we will all live more compassionately every after. As proof of our success, the Great Pyramid once again gave us a tremendous gift on our last day.

Until just a few years ago, we could always buy our way into a private ceremony time in the Great Pyramid, usually during the late hours of night or early morning. This is a time honored Egyptian tradition called bashish. This is no longer possible. Now only 150 people per day are allowed inside. In the morning at 8am sharp 75 tickets are sold and again in the afternoon at 1pm the next 75 tickets are sold. We always arrive early in the morning and wait in line on the bus until the plateau opens at which time there is a mad race of tourist buses and people to get tickets. Last year we barely escaped with our lives and just made it in under the wire. We waited until the others had all entered and then went in toward the end of the morning. By some miracle, as I mentioned in last years story, the pyramid honored our ability to hold a boundary with Lucretia and the door was shut for us and we had almost two hours alone inside.

. This year, was quite the opposite. We were the ONLY bus in line on Equinox morning…the last day of our trip. We drove up to the plateau. We entered and easily purchased our tickets to the pyramid with only several other tourists around. Our guides and bus drivers were amazed as this had never happened before. Later we were told that all the other buses had gone up to the wrong place by mistake! (Come on now. These bus drivers make their livings taking tourists to the Pyramids. I am sure they know where to get the tickets. Ezekiel says we had help and I am sure that is so). We decided very wisely to do our visit and ceremony right away before others arrived. We all climbed the very many steps all the way up to the Kings Chamber to begin.

I must pause here to say that two very wonderful things occurred at this point. Sue Isaac, who has been to Egypt twice with us now and faces some physical challenges, made it all the way up to the King’s Chamber this time. Last year she was unable to complete the journey. This was amazing! Also, Gamel, who I mentioned earlier, came all the way up with the group and stayed for the entire ceremony. This was a struggle for him because up until that point, Gamel had struggled in a perceived conflict with his Moslem faith (This could be yet another story to share at some point).

As Carol began our ceremony (She is extraordinary in her ability create spontaneous ritual where ever we find the need.) which involved toning, candles, incense, anointing oil and a private time for each participant in the sarcophagus, there were only a few other tourists in the chamber. They joined us with their attention and their love. This process can take quite a long time and it was well over an hour and a half before we had all had our experience. During that time, a miracle truly occurred. Gradually and silently (the pyramid is a huge amplifier and sound chamber so all noises are magnified 100 fold) over 75 tourists had gathered and joined hearts with us as we unfolded the beauty of the compassion grid aligning on earth. Some held candles. Many joined our toning to create a phenomenal sound frequency and one French man simply moved into the ceremony and took his turn in the sarcophagus. A Japanese man who had been there when we arrived took his turn also. In silence and honor on Equinox 2002 all of us experienced the moment as the compassion grid we had anchored in our bodies was amplified from our hearts, the hearts of everyone in the chamber, to the central sun and then anchored into the heart of mother earth. (This was a meditation Carol had led at every temple and in every ceremony during our journey.) It was the most incredible feeling and, only now, do I truly understand the profound nature of that moment. I found out as we were all leaving, that the star children who joined us to anchor in the compassion grid were from Italy, Germany. France and Spain. Many had come for Equinox and supported the shift that was created that day.

This was the second Spring Equinox journey we have done of this nature. Last year we opened up the Star Codes. Carol tells me that there is one more to go on Spring Equinox 2003. Although I am not ready to even feel this at all right now, I know in my heart she is right. The grid is anchored but it must soon be energized and activated. It will be interesting to see what team is impulsed to take this next step with us.

. I would like to leave you with this knowing. There is much heaviness and darkness close to us at this time. As we have agreed to integrate the dark and the light rather than hold them in polarity, we are feeling what this means. As the dark and light draw ever closer together, we are feeling the polarity and resistance more dramatically. The good news is that this is exactly what we returned here to do and we are, indeed, doing it!. This perspective from Jelaila’s web site inspired me to begin to share this incredible journey. More is to follow as Carol adds her wisdom of Egypt and its gifts to this unfolding tale. Anchoring the grid has meant experiencing our individual dark sides and integrating them with compassion. This anchored the grid. It was not an intellectual thing, it was experiential. The compassion grid is now anchored into the navel of the earth. And so it is!

Written By: Nancy Joy