I was always an enquiring child looking up to the sky and questioning what it all meant and where it came from, igniting my first experience with the notion of fear in the infinite. My question was always “if that wasn’t there then what was there” the question could never be answered which as a child without the conscious understanding of spirituality and the Mystical, caused great distress.


As long as I can remember I had a calling for Egypt and Africa and the Mystique behind it, without understanding why I was so drawn to this great civilisation. I was never introduced to anything international, as my parents were the typical hard working Australian family with no worldly experiences. So to feel so strongly was always intriguing to me.


In 2016 after being a single mum for 17 years and a difficult period in my life, once again I was drawn to visiting the place I had thought about for many years. With trepidation from the questioning of others and their thoughts on the dangers of Egypt I decided that it was time to do it no matter what. So I walked in, booked my ticket and left Australia on my birthday the 1st of September, which for those of you who follow the cosmic forces will know that this was a powerful time for us all ……. How integral Egypt was to be not only to my past, my present but my future appeared to me during my travels around the ancient cites!!


For the past 6 years I have been self-employed as a property developer and building consultant, having invested 100% of myself into this profession. I was now at an impass as to where to from here, my soul was calling for more, calling for my life purpose.


The tour for me was an internal experience with many emotions, thoughts and feelings ignited along the way with the theme being around self-worth, bringing up insecurities I had experienced my whole life. But the most profound was during our visit to Abu Simbel; two temples built by Ramses II, now one of the most renowned ancient Egyptian landmarks. Everyone experiences energy different and for me this place did not only represent the victory of Ramses II at the battle of Kadish but the love of the Goddess Hathor and Queen Neferatari. A love I am yet to experience or may never experience in this life time (my thoughts at the time).


All of the thoughts and feelings that have fed my self-worth over the years came flooding in, which I allowed myself to feel while walking around the complex. As we entered the bus to return back to Aswan I listened to music which is always a tool for releasing emotions (for me anyway) and release I did. The bus trip took 4 hours; with everyone else sleeping I was crying telling myself all the negative things I have believed about myself. Upon arrival at our accommodation on the Nile I decided to spend the afternoon in my room after a massage; I slept early and woke fresh in the morning ready for the next experience. It’s interesting just when you start to believe the things you say about yourself those around you surprise you, and you wonder why you thought that about yourself at all! The day before was just about releasing those feelings from deep within that needed to be released.

I always knew Egypt was important to me but how much I didn’t know. I was inspired to change my whole life after having a vision that I would own a travel company in Egypt without a thought as to how that was going to happen or in fact how it was even possible.

It was on that trip that I met Amro Mounir a beautiful soul with whom there was a connection so profound for both of us that would change our lives forever. He was a fantastic guide with a special understanding of people’s needs and how to ensure that the journey for each person was individual whilst being amongst the group.


It was on the trip I decided I needed to “bring people to Egypt” to experience their own amazing journey. Upon my return to Australia I followed my heart and started a tour company to take people to Egypt allowing others the opportunity to experience the transformation that can occur (enter Bold Soul Adventures). I just knew this was what I had to do and without knowing how, the process began and now I not only have a tour company but will be part owner in a travel company in Egypt, the universe has provided the next phase of my earthly experience.

Travel has been a great tool in my life for self-discovery and I know it will be for others too, who travel with Soul of Egypt Travel and Mr Amro Mounir the best Spiritual Egyptologist in Egypt.

My journey is an interesting one and I continue to follow my truth no matter how hard that may be and where that may lead me!!

Written By: Angela Starick