Never before have I been so impulsed to keep sharing about a journey as I am guided to share this mission to Egypt with my friends and family. As soon as I sent off my first E-mail about the coding amplified in the Great Pyramid our last day in Egypt, I knew that there are several other stories I now must share.

Way back in the early 90’s, when I studied with Drunvelo Melchizadek, he introduced me to sacred geometry and the sacred value of the number 13th. The so-called unlucky number. I learned that there are 12 octaves (levels of frequency) in every dimension and on the 13th octave you shift to the next dimension. Thirteen holds the fields of both the dimension you are leaving and the one into which you are traveling. Just like the musical scale if you count the white AND BLACK keys there are 12 notes and on the 13th note (middle C) you are playing a note from both octaves. He explained that there is a tremendous power to shift realities in the properties of number 13. Why else do you suppose it has come down through ancient lore that it is unlucky? The best way to keep people away from something powerful that could potentially lead them into understanding and freedom is to create fear around its existence.

A few years ago when David Icke’s book The Biggest Secret came out, he mentioned that there is a 13th sign of the zodiac, the knowledge of which has been withheld from us. It is called the web or the spider. It is the grid of oneness, the thread of creation, that provides the means for the unified whole. It is not a section of the pie as the other signs are, but the web, which holds them together. He points out that Princess Di was killed on the 13th pillar May 31st. (The reverse of 13). Also there were 12 disciples and then Christ was the 13th€.the shift point into a new reality. In the Tarot Deck the 13th card is the Death card€again transformation between realities. The examples could go on and on but I think you understand what I mean here.

This number played a huge role on our fall 1999 journey to Egypt when the Egypt Air flight right after our flight crashed! The date was October 31st (again the reverse of 13) and there where 13 Egyptian Soldiers aboard. We knew at that time and throughout the journey that we were involved in awakening the codes so humanity could download the power and understanding of “13”. Basically the emotional knowing that we are all connected (all one). If we live that as our truth, even though our patterns and ego’s try to distort that truth, all fear, war, lies etc would disappear. There can be no duality in the conscious awareness that everything you feel, think, do or say is connected with all you experience. We activated and amplified that consciousness in our hearts throughout Egypt and especially in the Great Pyramid during our private ceremony in the fall of 1999.

Now, at long last, onto the connection between the 13 chakra to and our Awakening the Star Code Journey Equinox 2001. Carol, Jelaila (an original facilitator) and I had initially intended to take the road less traveled with this group to Telamarna. This is the very difficult to get to, home of Aukhenaten, who was the Pharo who instilled the law of one into the grid in ancient times. He waged a seemingly loosing battle as the ancient priests of Amon fought and eventually undid all his work so people would continue to rely on the priests and the many God and Goddesses they represented. (Actually, he was trying to assist the people into accepting that all the Gods and Goddesses they worshiped were within themselves€one God) He only ruled for 17 years and during that time he moved the Capital of Egypt to Telamarna€the exact geomantic center of Egypt.

Eventually Jelaila left our triad of facilitators and Lauren Pomerantz came on board. For a time we abandoned the idea of going to Telamarna, as Carol did the trip with her fall group and it was very difficult and uncomfortable. As the time was winding down until our journey began, Tiya Joice signed up (she, Carol & I participated in the Fall ’99 Journey) insisting that, one way or another, she would make it to Telamarna. You see, her Spirit given name, Tiya, had led her on a journey into the understanding that she was deeply connected with Queen Tiya, Aukhenaten’s mother. (The parallel to this story could be like Mother Mary and Christ. A woman who brought onto this earth one who was here to shift this planets reality, heart and consciousness.) So, Carol, Lauren and I refocused and set into motion plans to reach Telamarna during our journey. That was the place where the law of one€the 13th truth€. was initially instilled on this planet. Even though the site has never been very honored and restored, the power of its intent breathes through the earth there.

As it ended up, there were 11 of us travelers including our two male Egyptian guides who both became trusted friends to all. Ezekiel told us the first night we were in Egypt that others would be coming in and out of our group at various times to create the field of 12 when necessary. He said that it would be our assignment to create from this the 13th Field€the group heart in which all things are possible. He said the secret to doing this was held in the three religions at war in the Middle East€Christians, Jews and Moslems. All three religions were represented in our group.

Sure enough, one at a time various people bonded with our group during different ceremonies at the sacred sights creating the number 12. During the beautiful sound work held by Lauren and her wonderful voice, this group always came to resonance or into entrainment with every sound. (There is a powerful story about our crystal bowl cracking that has to do with this also but that will be the next article). There was a “oneness” about our group that was phenomenal, even when challenged by the dark energies, which as I already mentioned, we often were.

Also in our group was a wonderful Italian man named Sal who held a field of male energy for us throughout our journey. One day he suggested a meditation he knew to bring the 12 charkas on-line at a sacred sight. I suggested we do this and add the awakening of the 13th chakra€the unified field.. He said he had never done that but was willing. This he did and it was incredibly powerful! We then began to activate the 13th chakra at every sacred site beginning with our Equinox ceremony at Dendara. We all noticed the shift within us at that point. We began our journey onto Telamarna from this area.

Our journey to Telamarna was not only effortless but, we transcended time and space. The trip that was so difficult for the last group was easy. Although we took the same long roads as the last group because were not allowed on the quicker dessert road due to unrest, a heavily armed guard traveled ahead of us, behind us (including a tank!) and with us opening the roads for our passing. We breezed though all the little villages and towns and created a time warp that made the journey actually joyful. Our pilgrimage to Telemarna was exceptional. When we were about to do our ceremony outside of the archeological site of Nefertiti’s Palace, a guard invited us into the place where the sanctuary had been for our ceremony. To our knowledge, no one has been allowed inside this chain link fence (other than workers, guards and archeologists) before. So at the place where Aukhenaten established the law of one we connected hearts and brought the 13th chakra on line where it was originally coded on earth! This was very powerful. Although there are no beautiful temples, awe-inspiring columns, or colorful images at Telamarna, there was the power of one and the activation of the number 13 in the conscious minds of humanity. We left our group crystal that had come from my Mayan brother Javier on the site to hold that consciousness. I deeply thank all twelve of the star seeds that heard the call and played out our roles so this could come to pass.

I do not delude myself into thinking that I or this group are the only ones on the planet doing this important grid work through our emotions and the healing of our wounded hearts, but I do know that we followed our hearts, plowed through many obstacles to get there, and completed our assignment. I am deeply grateful. As I am home only one week now, I am quietly observing the changes that this shift in consciousness has awakened within myself, within this group and on our planet in general.

I know this is a lot of information but the impulse to share is so compelling that I got headache until I sat down to write this story. Expect soon the next chapter, so to speak, The Cracking Open of the Heart. Until then, love and many blessings to each of you. I am so deeply grateful to have so many people loving me and supporting this work I am here to do. Whenever I feel it is too difficult, all of your faces come to me and you are smiling and encouraging me. I know you are the greatest support team ever assembled anywhere in creation. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.

My prayer for each of you is that you move beyond doubt and trust your own hearts to show you the way, difficult though it may be. The rewards are beyond measure.

In Lak’Ech Nancy Joy Hefron

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Written By: Nancy Joy