These are some pictures of the BAHARIYA OASIS.
It is where the White desert is and the Black desert as well which are over 40 million years old where and when the sahara was a big ocean . Also in year 2000 an american scientific team conducted by Joshua smith found the remains of Dinosaur which is about 95 million years old.
the depression( BAHARIYA OASIS ) was populated since the neolithic. we also found Prehistoric remains in there with Pharaonic ruins and Graeco-Roman tombs with what we call the Golden Mummies .
Also we found a temple of Alexander the Great in ruins .
so the BAHARIYA OASIS is a mysterious place full of ancient ancient secrets still covered in sand of the Sahara.
such place I will be visiting with my ANCIENT MYSTERY KEEPERS group from USA this October-November 2014 .

Written by: Amro Mounir